Dialectic Blues - The Music of the White Stripes

by Nathan Black

Like the sound of thunder rolling across the plains, The White Stripes crashed into the music scene a few years ago, surprising audiences and critics alike with their exciting music. I remember well the first time I saw them - I think on the "Red Blood Sells" tour in either Philadelphia or Los Angeles. I was wearing a black leather jacket, a form-fitting T-shirt (that flattered my muscular physique well), tight jeans and biker boots - it was a look that suited me nicely, and continues to suit me - although I am the type who can get away with wearing just about anything and still look good. Don't think I don't hear about that all the time from other critics- most of whom look like the guy from Weezer - I know it is my burden to carry and that often the best looking individuals have the hardest time because people as good looking as I am often aren't taken seriously or given the proper amount of respect we should be. Anyway I remember the White Stripes well because that was a night I really, seriously almost got lucky with this incredibly hot looking girl. She was about 5'3" and 100 lbs with great curves and even though she kept telling me she was only 14, I know better - she was at least 17 or so. Those braces didn't fool me a bit. But I was strutting my stuff while The White Stripes were playing onstage and she kept saying something and I couldn't hear because that Jim Whyte plays such a loud bass guitar - and after a while I figured out she was saying I was standing on her foot - the little minx must have slipped it under my boot to catch my attention. But the band was playing that "7 Country Navy" thing and she made a motion like go away and said she had to go to the ladies room. I knew that this was some hip teen lingo meaning meet me outside - so I waited outside for the rest of the concert, but she must have gotten lost. I saw her leaving a while later in a station wagon with some guy who must have been old enough to be her dad. Just missed. But anyway from what I could hear of The White Stripes from outside they sounded neat, and later on when I accidentally sprayed their drummer Mig with pepper spray as they were leaving I think she winked at me. Between coughing anyway.