Stairway to Nathan - The Led Zeppelins
and the Art of Arousal

by Nathan Black

Featuring guitars and drums, The Led Zeppelins has been around for quite a while, although I think some of their members may be dead. I personally have followed their careers closely from my earlier days when songs like "Black Hound" and "The Song is Still Pretty Much the Same" were standard make out fare for yours truly. Yes sir, in my afro and sandals I was quite the ladies man at the Admiral Farragut Naval Academy for Wayward Youths in Moline, IL, although they didn't admit women to the academy until 9 years after I left (and against my express wishes). Driving a hot pink Camaro around Moline with the 8-track blaring Herb Alpert and The Starland Vocal Band, I was never lacking for attention. I used to wear a tank top, puka shell necklace and short cutoffs and it just drove the ladies wild. They would see me coming and get so excited they would run away they were so excited. And that feeling has never left me throughout the years, nor has the incredible music of The Led Zepellins. The other day I was playing their "Dread Zeppelin" release and when their singer (Robert Planet) started getting into that reggae feel I checked myself out in the mirror naked and I don't mind admitting that I felt a little aroused. And I guess that's what the Zeppelins are all about - arousal. And that is why they have remained popular to the very day. Like a good wine from Idaho or a splendid example of a male like myself - the great bands just keep getting better the more you listen to them.