City Life

This city life
Is driving me crazy
I can’t get a date
My boss says I’m lazy
The streets are all dirty
And the people the same
They make me bring donuts
They don’t let me explain
The ants are all people
In the streets down below
I feel so lonely
It’s not like the show
Where people are friendly
And all know your name
My mom said not to come here
I only have her to blame
For all of my problems
Bad relationships too
I only kiss my reflection
What else can I do
I miss my shrubs
And the frolicking squirrels
Don’t know how to limbo
Can’t talk to girls
I hate my apartment
It’s small as a cube
The neighbors are nosy
The doorman is rude
I wish I was cool
I wish I had friends
I wish I was trendy
But the trends never end
Nobody listens to me