You May Be Eighteen, but You’re Asinine  

You’re such a sight in your high priced rags
Hangin’ out with those expensive slags
You got the world in the palm of your hand
But there’s one thing you don’t understand  
You think you’re special and that makes you mine
You think you’re hot stuff and your ass is fine
But you been cheatin’ and I know you’re lyin’
You may be eighteen, but you’re asinine  
You keep a gabbin’ on the telephone
I might as well be all alone
All you do is cuss and complain
I outgha’ throw you out in the rain  
You’d think you had a problem with the way you whine
You give me a headache when I try to unwind
Maybe you better take it on down the line
You may be eighteen, but you’re asinine  
You treat your ol’ man like a money tree
Well I can tell you there ain’t nothin’ free
I’ll tell you later when I end the ride
You’ll be standin’ there on the side  
I’ve had enough of listenin’ to all your cryin’
Those tears in your eyes just gonna make you blind
I might just tell you stick it where the sun don’t shine
You may be eighteen, but you’re asinine  
You wrecked my life like you wrecked my car
Struttin’ around like some superstar
You got the world eatin’ from your hand
But there’re lots of things you don’t understand  
I’d kick your ass, but that would be a crime
Don’t want no boyfriends while l’m doin’ time
I may just take off cross the borderline
You may eighteen, but you’re asinine